behind the white coat.


It hides the truth,

It hides the lie,

Whether it is white or black

It doesn’t matter

It is not important!

I started driving my life with white coat!

I hide everything of me there, everything that belongs me, even my body.

“I LOVE seeing everyone’s journeys to their goals.”
-I have my journey there too.

I never thought I would get mad at being a doctor….It’s been a dream for me now since I am watching medical series now.
But this is so exciting and I cannot wait to see where I go from here.

So this seems that I want to be a doctor now!

-my WHITE COAT it’s being a real diary now.

Everyone who dreams of working in medicine dreams of getting the white coat.
In fact, for my life the best way to do it is believing, believing in myself!

Honestly, it was one of the highlights of my whole year as a didactic student. But now I started believing that studying medicine is a good opportunity for me, for finances and finding a wonderful doctor partner for my life.

I won’t go into details – you can imagine where I’m going with this story – but my white coat didn’t have that shiny newness anymore!It really is something sparkling but it is something that I cant say, something that does not appear.Something that hides!

“There are so many shades of white out there! And I’m sure you will all agree with me that sometimes choosing the right shade of white can be just as difficult as choosing a color!”

Choosing which shade of white ended up being a bit more complicated.                               Being a doctor in my life or following another life’s way?

Sure enough, the 3rd time was the charm! The Scientist/Doctor is perfect for this piece.

Oh, but wait, I almost forgot! The last step of following the future was PARTNER.


I have to note here that sometimes the white that works perfectly on one piece doesn’t work at all on another.

I was perfectly happy with my dream.But slowly, more and more I was covering, and I had to face my FEAR.

I always said to myself:

I’ve also found that to be too can’t for some pieces, while it worked perfectly on this Vision, Visualize, Fairytale, Phantasy, Illusion and Dream!

Sometimes you just have to experiment a little to find the white that is just right.And by the way, you have to experiment to find the staging for your photos that is just right too.

Next, I decided to play up the black knobs a little more by using black props.But I found I was having a really hard time getting the correct color of the grain sack in my photos because there was so much white inside the photo cottage.


Maybe outside photos are just going to be my thing and I should stop trying to fight it. What do you think?

I like that I have so much to think for my medical life just like choosing colors.

just the right white.

-Behind the white coat!

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